No more radio mics? Surely not

One issue that has forced its way to the top of many agendas and caused more than a little panic is Ofcom’s soon-to-be-announced re-ordering of the current analogue TV frequency spectrum; the reason for the panic is that it’s the same part of the spectrum that we use as secondary users for our ever-growing stocks of wireless microphones, in-ear monitors and the like. It’s an issue that we included in our last email news and naturally it’s an issue that we’ve been working on both as part of a wider industry collective and directly with Ofcom. Our own work includes lobbying carefully selected MPs and parliamentary groups as well as encouraging official dialogue between other government agencies whose aims may be affected by loss of spectrum like the HSE (think trip hazards from cables and hearing loss from loud monitoring systems). Whilst we and other related trade bodies work with Ofcom to ensure our future requirements are met you, the individual, can help immensely by writing to your local MP. Every MP has recently received a letter outlining the issue and the potential problems, letters from constituents will increase the chances of action. Its easy to contact your MP; even easier if you click this link. Tell them they should have already received a letter about the issue and that you, their constituent and your business could be seriously affected by any reduction in useable spectrum, to reacquaint yourself with the issue visit BEIRG has also enlisted the help of PLASA’s ‘Public Affairs Consultants’ Ranelagh International, headed by Jonathan Sayeed, to manage a lobbying campaign, details are available from BEIRG.