The PSA is the trade association for companies and individuals involved in the live event production industry. Our aim is to represent, improve, educate and develop the business of technical production for live events. This is achieved by pooling the knowledge of the entire industry to create a single voice for the industry and a central resource for its members.

The issues that we deal with are those that affect the whole industry. The solutions we find are there for the whole industry. This can only be achieved with the help of the whole industry.

How does the PSA work?

The work of the PSA really is dictated by the needs of the live event production industry. The association cannot function without the support of those working in the business both in terms of membership revenue and involvement in research and campaigns that benefit the industry.

It is down to the members to make the PSA aware of issues that need to be addressed. This initial contact is usually through contact with the PSA office or a council member. That is when the membership may be called to get involved. The PSA has many functions but one of the most important ones is that of pooling the resources of the industry to tackle issues. That in itself demonstrates the ability of the live production industry to deal with its own problems and maintain a self-sufficient, self regulatory approach to business. This is especially important when working with outside agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as the PSA is then recognised as the body that can represent the views of the industry when deciding on legislation and codes of practice; self-regulation being preferable to outside legislation.

Joining the PSA isn’t just a demonstration of your ability to write a cheque. It’s your commitment to the ideal of a voice for your business; it’s your commitment to a self-sufficient, self-regulating industry, it’s your commitment to the development of safer working practices and it’s your commitment to a secure future for the live production industry.

Mission statement

The Production Services Association represents and provides a service to companies and individuals working in the provision of technical production services to the live music and events industry by helping to establish a favourable operating environment, providing a forum for discussion on topical issues, by providing information to assist them in their business and by helping to raise standards to "make this a better business."


  • To be a central representative body to put the views of it’s members to government departments and agencies, Parliament, European organisations and other relevant sectors.
  • To be a resource centre, providing commentary and essential information on all legal, taxation, insurance and regulatory developments relevant to the technical production services industry.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, news and other relevant information.
  • To promote the industry.
  • To raise standards in the industry through improved health, safety, welfare education and training.
  • To provide a range of benefits to its membership


It all started about in the early 1990’s in a room at the International Live Music Conference. A group of forward thinking individuals decided that the industry had issues that were best addressed by one voice speaking for the whole industry. Some issues remain, some have been dealt with, new ones appear and others change. The voice still exists; it’s called the Production Services Association.

Code of conduct

Every PSA member agrees to abide by the PSA code of conduct. This code of conduct ensures that membership of the PSA sets a company or individual apart as one that strives to carry out their business in a safe and proper manner.

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The PSA Council also abides by its own code of conduct. Available here »