Meet the Council

The PSA is directed by its members, through the PSA Council. The council is made up of up to 14 PSA members with an elected Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Treasurer. The General Manager of the PSA reports directly to the council on issues raised by members and the progress made in dealing with those issues. The current council consists of the following members:

Name Company Membership Type E-Mail
Steve Banks (Chairman) Wigwam Acoustics Company
Dave Bigg (Vice Chairman) Self Employed Sound Engineer Company
Keith Wood Production Solutions Individual
Ric Smith Rule Out Loud Individual
John McEvoy White Light Company
Jac Nott Self Employed Individual
Martin Clowes Self Employed Individual
Liam Halpin Self Employed Individual
Stuart Milne Showstars Ltd Small Company
Tom Rees Self Employed Individual
Dave Keighley Self Employed Individual
Liz Madden No Nonsense Group Small Company
Natasha Highcroft Transam Trucking Company
Ben Morgan Usual Suspects Crew Small Company

The PSA Council meets approximately 6 times per year at various locations around the country.

Applications to join the PSA Council are welcome at any time although appointments are generally made at the time of the PSA Annual General Meeting. Anyone wishing to find out more information about standing for council should e-mail