No Deal Brexit – Planning Update


From meetings that we weren’t allowed to talk about, to gathering and sharing data for ‘no deal scenario planning’, we’ve been working hard with other stakholders to ensure touring production of every flavour is considered in Brexit scenarios, until now though, we've had very little definitive news on post-Brexit arrangements for two elements key to our sector, namely movement of goods and people.
For clarity, the statements that follow are for a ‘no deal’ scenario. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be future arrangements; it just means that we haven’t reached a withdrawal agreement with the EU. If there is a withdrawal agreement, the status quo will be maintained while trade negotiations take place.
Recently, Government released statements addressing specific concerns of the music industry. You can read that here:
Government released this ministerial statement yesterday on road haulage:-
This document from Government would indicate EU citizens can come to the UK for up to three months in the event of no deal. This would exist until at least our new immigration system is in place.
The EU is also beginning to proceed with a system which would allow access to the Schengen area for UK citizens for up to three months post-Brexit. This is dependent on reciprocity. Therefore, if the UK Government start creating barriers for EU citizens the EU proposal will cease:-
Carnets are a concern for some. There will be a requirement for carnets when taking goods into the EU. Any specialist freight forwarder can help and advise on carnets, the key is to make arrangements early and allow time at borders for checking. There is a potential for delay, how long is anyone’s guess.