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The PSA has teamed up with the ILMC Production Meeting

Posted by Liz Marshall on

The PSA has teamed up with the ILMC Production Meeting

The PSA has teamed up with the ILMC Production Meeting (IPM) for its 15th edition on 1 March. Taking place the day before ILMC, the IPM brings together production professionals from around the globe to discuss the key issues and challenges across global live event production. The day is structured to include several panels throughout the day, networking events and workshops.
IPM returns as a physical edition in 2022, revamped, reprogrammed and bigger than ever. The event also includes a second programming tranche by sister event, the Event Safety & Security Summit (E3S). And IPM benefits from close connection with the leading production managers from around the globe (IQ’s ‘Gaffers’) whose input is vital and supplements IPM’s own programming committee.
We expect 400 of the world’s top production professionals to attend the next IPM, including production managers, sound & lighting engineers, venue personnel, security & safety specialists, suppliers, and promoters’ representatives. Delegates attend from as far afield as Australia, Africa and the Middle East.
One of the key discussion topics at the 2022 event will be the crisis in the supply chain, and IPM will host the final part of a three-country discussion run in partnership with Eurosonic in the Netherlands, and Production Live! in the US. Following these debates, IPM will be publishing a standalone report, The Live Event Supply Chain 2022.

  • Communication between the generations of production specialists
  • The future of power & energy sources
  • Brexit, Covid; Supply chain issues in staff, infrastructure, transport and other areas. 
  • Reviewing "Building Back Better Together” plans, a positive plan for the future

We would invite your recommendations for panellists for these sessions and, where possible, point us in the direction of industry experts that you think would add substance to the discussion.  Please contact us at ipm@ilmc.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you.
As we start to emerge from the Covid crisis, we believe that The PSA members should be part of this discussion, so we have arranged a 20% discount on your behalf should you want to attend IPM alongside the rest of the production community. 
More information about the event along with registration information can be found here:  https://ipm.live/
At registration, please enter the code IPMPSA20 to receive your discount

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