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Britain's Event Sector

Posted by Liz Marshall on


The publishers of a planned new report into the size and value of Britain’s events sector are calling for contributions from industry representatives.

The Business Visits and Events Partnership’s “Insights into Britain’s Events Sector” will explain and promote the size and value of Britain’s events industry, its characteristics, trends, opportunities and key issues. The report will be used to profile the sector to politicians, media, related industries and the wider business community. It will also act as a valuable resource and reference for those working in the UK’s events industry.

Pulling together the many existing sources of research, data and information into a coherent and readable whole, the report’s author Tony Rogers is also looking for both qualitative and quantitative research from the wider events industry community.

“The industry has an essential role to play in the compilation of this new report” he said, “both in raising awareness of the report and in contributing material for use in the report. The types of information we are looking for include copies of reports or research published in the past twelve months which are in the public domain, together with business trends and insights. We are also keen to receive case studies and images to bring the report to life.”

BVEP Chair, Michael Hirst OBE, said: “The BVEP is delighted to be facilitating this important report which will provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the Events Industry. Its publication will come at a time when events of all types play a critical role in furthering Britain’s economic, knowledge and cultural sectors in a global context. The report will highlight the different aspects of the many varying business and leisure event categories and examine Britain’s competitive strengths in the world-wide marketplace as well as what more needs to be done to enable the Industry to optimise its performance. I urge those in the events industry to contribute to the report to ensure its contents and recommendations are all-encompassing”.

The content of the report is intended to include: an overview of the UK Events Industry; an outline of the global competitive landscape and the UK’s position in it; opportunities for Britain’s events sector; the composition of the events industry, including a detailed breakdown and description of the individual events segments; how to grow the footprint of international business events; as well as key points on infrastructure and talent development.

The report is due to be published in the Autumn of this year.

Industry representatives who would like to contribute to the report should contact Tony Rogers at tony@tony-rogers.com

Sponsorship opportunities for the report are also available.

“Insights into Britain’s Events Sector” will be a follow- up publication to the “Events are Great Britain Report” which was also published by the BVEP and is downloadable from the BVEP’s website.

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