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Joint HSE/HMRC Webinars for Growing Businesses

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The PSA recently joined the Small Business Trade Association Forum (SBTAF), they have some useful resources that may be of interest to our members.


SBTAF has developed a webinar that they are delivering with HMRC ‘HMRC and HSE working together for you – Growing your business’.

The webinar is designed to signpost small businesses to the range of tools and guidance available. The joint target audience is a growing business, identifying the issues of expanding or new premises and additional employees from both a risk management and tax/payroll perspective.

So far  over 1000 businesses attending and there is a commitment  to delivering more webinars until the end of this work year.   Each webinar lasts up to an hour with live presentations from HSE and HMRC staff with the opportunity to ask questions. Details below for those that wish to attend:

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