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New driver rules could increase tour transport costs.

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New driver rules could increase tour transport costs.

Recent Bulletins from the Freight Transport Association have highlighted French and Belgian authorities imposing changes to rules regarding truck drivers’ rest periods, with both countries outlawing the practice of taking certain obligatory rest periods in the cab of the vehicle and the possibility of fines being imposed for non-compliance.

The impact of these changes is obvious, with extra accommodation costs incurred if rest periods coincide with tours calling in France and Belgium – and who knows which other territories will follow suit.

As always, early engagement with transport suppliers is key to ensuring the most cost effective solution.

Potential impacts are:

  1. Insurance Goods In Transit cover/conditions of Driver having to stay with a loaded trailer.
  2. location of Hotel that can accommodate a 16.5 metre Truck and Trailer,(not many) With a GVW of 36.000 kgs, 40.000 if Rigging Motors.(not many)
  3. Hotels will not want trucks taking up space on its car park.
  4. Truck will need security if left unattended.
  5. Trucking operations are carried out after a show, Drivers could encounter problems obtaining a parking place, or when they need to move, they find exit blocked with other vehicles.
  6. Multi truck tours would obviously need secure parking for more than 1 truck

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has raised concerns with this new prohibition with EU authorities in Brussels.

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