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Providing crew? HMRC would like to know who.

Posted by Shopify API on

Providing crew? HMRC would like to know who.

Or maybe whom, but that's not important right now.

The fact is that, next month, a new piece of legislation comes into force, it's referred to as Employment Intermediaries Reporting Requirements. According to HSE's guidance, the new requirements are designed to weed out 'false' self employment, especially by companies using offshore intermediaries to pay self employed sub contractors.

At frst glance, you'd probably think that it's an employment agency thing BUT, HMRC may see a rental company providing self employed crew to a client as an intermediary, so member companies may be required to report to HMRC.

Of course, following oft-repeated guidance on self employed status published in our members resource centre will help reinforce self-employed status, and HMRC state in their guidance on the new requirements that the requirements will:

  • support intermediaries that comply
  • penalise intermediaries that don’t comply
  • make sure the right tax and National Insurance is paid by people working through intermediaries
  • reduce unfair commercial advantage

So, individual members need to brush up on their knowledge of self employmnent indicators, companies need to do the same, and everyone with an interest in further reading should CLICK HERE


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