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The BIG 200 Mile PLASA Commute

Posted by Liz Marshall on

The BIG 200 Mile PLASA Commute
For over 20 years, a small team of volunteer trustees has been overseeing the raising and distribution of funds for the benefit of colleagues in live event production who fall on challenging times due to illness or injury. We all know that the majority of our workforce is self employed, so this safety net that we call Stagehand is essential.

More recently, Stagehands work has extended to helping individual PSA members train in Mental Health First Aid.

Donations come in many different ways, some fun (we're thinking DiGiCo Quiz), others challenging.

This is why, during conversations at TPi's office about the PLASA show and how people were getting there, Editor Stewart Hume and PSA GM Andy Lenthall decided to ride there, on bikes, from TPi's offices, in Stockport...200 Miles.

Of course, they're not doing it for free. They'd like the industry to collectively contribute £3000 for the discomfort, those contributions going towards the work of Stagehand as well as our friends at Backup, who are also riding a 100 mile route from Wiltshire.
Feel free to sponsor the ride at:

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