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PSA Member Achieves Event Sustainability Standard.

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Live event production company and PSA member, Liquid Media are delighted to have been awarded the ISO20121 Sustainability in Events management system.

Doug Jones, founder and owner of the company has been extremely happy with the achievement, and supportive of the work from the time it was a British Standard.  “We live in a global community and it is vital that what business we do, and the way we do that business is sustainable on many levels.  I’m extremely proud of what we have done with this Standard”

Christopher Milnes, General Manager of the Group, and man at the helm of the certification was delighted.  “The Standard calls for an intense process of self-analysis and sometimes, some considerable modification to how you work.  I’m very lucky in having a great team who understood the importance of the Standard, and who bought in to the process from the very start.”

Airbus, one of Liquid Media’s key clients was equally delighted.  David Bauer, Account Manager for the aviation giant said:  “we have worked with Airbus for a number of years and we have always given exemplary service.  The ISO20121 Standard aligns us more formally as a partner in their sustainability and management agenda and are looking forward to the next part of our journey together”.

The ISO award is not the end of the process though and SEC, the compliance organisation that does the audit and bestows the award has to revisit the company regularly to check compliance.  “It isn’t a one-off exam” said Milnes, “It’s more like a continual assessment to monitor progress.  But we know already that we have been better as a company and our stakeholders have seen us in a new and more positive light”.

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