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HSE helps companies get a better understanding of regulation and enforcement.

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The Health and safety Executive (HSE) spends a lot of time exploding myths and correcting misinformation. To help in this fight against confusion, HSE as published a document titled Regulation of health and safety at workthat explains the main features of the regulatory approach taken by HSE and local authorities to improve standards in health and safety performance. It includes the main regulatory intervention techniques used to influence, encourage and advise business and, where necessary, hold to account those who fail to meet their responsibilities. These are:

  • influencing and engaging with stakeholders and others in industry;
  • influencing large employers;
  • creating knowledge and awareness of health and safety risks and encouraging behaviour change;
  • promoting proportionate and sensible health and safety;
  • inspection;
  • investigation;
  • enforcement;
  • engaging with the workforce; and
  • working with other regulators and government departments.

The document will be of interest to businesses regulated by HSE and local authorities, as well as others working in health and safety who help set and promote health and safety standards.

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