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Red Tape Hampering Business? Tweet the Minister.

Posted by Shopify API on

Business Minister Anna Soubry is keen to engage with business on the issues they face with regulation and listen to their ideas for cutting red tape.   To this end, she has announced a new twitter account that will be used to listen and engage with business on regulation. 

The Better Regulation Delivery Office has asked if we can circulate this information to as many businesses as possible.

How can you get involved?

  • Follow @CutRedTapeUK for mentions/retweets/discussion on Twitter
  • Remember to use the hashtag in your tweets - #cutredtape
  • Share your ideas on how small business can grow by tweeting suggestions to #cutredtape
  • What regulations hamper your business? Tweet BIS your experiences or email them @cuttingredtape@bis.gsi.gov.uk #CutRedTape
  • Share @CutRedTapeUK with your business contacts, Government want us to tell them which regulatory issues hamper your business #CutRedTape


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