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UK Government Rejects Recommendations to Address Misogyny in Music Industry

Posted by Liz Marshall on

UK Government Rejects Recommendations to Address Misogyny in Music Industry

In a controversial move, the UK government has dismissed proposals outlined in the Misogyny in Music report aimed at fostering gender equality within the music sector.

Released in January by the Women and Equalities Committee, the report highlighted the pressing need for "urgent action" to combat the pervasive misogyny and discrimination experienced by women in the music industry.

Citing a myriad of challenges faced by women in the sector, including limited opportunities, insufficient support, gender bias, sexual harassment, assault, and the persistent issue of unequal pay, the report shed light on the entrenched systemic barriers prevailing in an industry characterized by self-employment and gender-based power differentials. Moreover, it underscored the exacerbated plight of women confronting intersectional hurdles, particularly those arising from racial discrimination.

Despite assertions of progress in representation, the report painted a grim picture of endemic issues that continue to plague the industry, exacerbating the struggles faced by women, especially those from marginalized backgrounds.

Historically, the music industry has prided itself on championing social change; however, it now faces mounting pressure to address its own failings in combatting discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct against women.

The government's decision to rebuff the report's recommendations has elicited criticism from various quarters, with advocates for gender equality denouncing it as a setback in the ongoing battle for inclusivity and fairness in the music sector.

Industry stakeholders and activists alike have voiced dismay over the government's reluctance to address the entrenched misogyny permeating the industry, calling for concrete action to dismantle systemic barriers and foster a more equitable environment for women.

With the issue now thrust into the spotlight, the music industry finds itself at a crossroads, compelled to confront its own shortcomings and take meaningful steps towards effecting lasting change. As the clamour for accountability grows louder, the onus is on policymakers and industry leaders to heed the call for reform and usher in a new era of gender equality in music.

PSA Council Members Liz Madden, Chris Parry-Jones and Jac Notts commented "It's absolutely eye opening that in this day and age (and in what is meant to be a civilised nation) that our Government has simply slammed the door shut regarding discussion and the taking of very achievable steps to reduce Misogyny and discrimination that clearly still exists within all walks of our Music Industry. We are horrified at the complete lack of consideration on the topic, and will therefore will continue to push to reopen doors for discussion, and in turn attempt to create avenues for the positive change that is so desperately needed and so clearly overdue."


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