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CDM Consultation begins - time to have your say.

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CDM Consultation begins - time to have your say.

The Health and Safety Executive ha sreleased the long-awaited consultation on changes to the SConstruction Design and Management Regulations. Due to become law in April 2015, the regulations set out certain roles and responsibilities for construction projects involving more than one contractor. HSE has made it clear that builds for events will come under these regulations.

Although the construction sector will see less complication, it is widely felt that the live events sector will simply have a sudden increase in regulatory burden, along with associated costs of training and development in new roles.

That's not to say the regulations are entirely unwanted, as it's hard to fault the concept of haing safety woven into the planning stage and ensuring that clients ensure a safe workplace.

The crucial issues are that HSE has not carried out a sufficient assessment of the impacts it will have when introduced across our sector and that there is insufficient time to train and develop people into the roles.

Additionally, HSE has, in its proposals, stated that industry specific guidance will be written. To date, no events industry group has been asked to contribute to any HSE guidance.

Several industry groups have spoken together with a view to developing a coordinated response, PSA is playing its part.

If you would like to know more, email gm@psa.org.uk and we can share the PSA response with you.


To view the HSE consultation CLICK HERE

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