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PSA member takes 3 days off....and attempts to cycle 195 miles, off road

Posted by Shopify API on

Sound engineer, production manager and crazy fool, Sean Bisby-Little, and a friend  are currently training for a Charity Bike ride in July.

They are going to ride in 3 days off road across country through the Lake District, across the Yorkshire Dales & North Yorkshire Moors from Whitehaven on the West coast of England to Scarborough on the East Coast. Yes, they really are.

Its an event called Rat Race The Crossing:195 miles in 3 days, doesnt sound a lot if you are on the road but off road is a completely different kettle of fish!!

How to donate

They're doing it for Cancer Research in the memory of 2 people that they have lost and for all of the other people out there who will need the Cancer Research charity's support.

A tough challenge, a worthy cause - go on, hit the link and add a few quid towards their sponsorship target

Make a donation via JustGiving

'I know loads of people do loads of stuff for charity but to do this we are having to train for 3 months otherwise we probably just wont make it so it really is a massive challenge. I just hope to god it doesnt rain, but even then if its sunny that will be really difficult too' Sean Bisby-Little

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