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The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has published a Strategy for the Business Visits
and Events Industry in Britain.
The Strategy can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/businessvisits-and-events-strategy

The Strategy makes 20 recommendations covering UK wide and England specific proposals on governance, infrastructure and funding, visas and welcome; marketing and strategic partnerships; best practice and expertise.

Proposals are also included to target support for events covering three distinct tiers: Those that have a global high profile which should be held in Britain; those that require support to optimise their investment value to the UK and those that would benefit from more local support to highlight the wider economic benefits to local areas.

Michael Hirst OBE, Chairman of the Business Visits and Events Partnership, which together with several other industry organisations and business, worked with DCMS to develop the Strategy, said, “This Strategy is the product of joint industry and government work over the last 12 months. We welcome the recognition given to the role business and other events play in the national and local economy. There is clearly much more potential for further growth by winning more events and nurturing those already in place”. He added, ”The creation of a  Business Visits and Events Board comprising industry representation with government  departments and agencies, under the auspices of thGREAT programme, to identify business opportunitiesand win more Events for Britain is a major step forward. This is a solid  blueprint for action, whatever party is in power, post the General Election. What is essential  nowis that the industry endorses the support that is being expressed and works to ensure the momentum is maintained immediately post the General Election”.

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