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PSA Members unite to develop Apprenticeship Standard

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PSA Members unite to develop Apprenticeship Standard


To coincide with National Apprenticeship week, Skills Minister Nick Boles has announced that hundreds more top employers have joined the government’s successful Trailblazers programme to design high quality apprenticeships in everything from renewable energy to video games. Within that group are 13 PSA member employers, led by PRG UK, who have been approved to develop an apprenticeship for Live Event Technicians, a role that, according to many employers, hasn’t been successfully catered for by current apprenticeship models.

The Trailblazer scheme will help employers decide training content, means of delivery and methods of assessment, all designed to meet their needs and deliver relevant skills.

John McEvoy, Head of Production for PRG UK, said:

“As suppliers to the live events industry we wholeheartedly support the idea of apprenticeships being developed by employers. Apprenticeships are an ideal route in to our sector, with on the job training allowing people to gain the skills they need to work with rapidly developing specialist technology.”

It is widely accepted that the route from warehouse to front of house has been mapped out and used to develop the skills and experience by many companies. This project will enable our members to turn those unofficial apprenticeships into official and take advantage of incentives and grants available at local and national level.

The members supporting the bid, along wioth lead employer, PRG are:

Neg Earth, Nitelites, XL Video, Adlib Solutions, Britannia Row Productions, LS Live, Hawthorn Theatrical, Fineline Lighting, Skan PA, Entec Sound and Light, HSL Group and Wigwam Acoustics, with backroom support from the PSA.

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